you don't need coping strategies

What if You Don’t Need Coping Strategies?

I’m now blogging over on! I recently wrote a post that has become my most popular story on the platform. You can read it and others via the link below: Feel free to leave a comment if it resonated with you – and please do share the story with others if you feel …

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true nature in nature

This IS Your True Nature

Your true nature….revealed in nature! Why do people say that walking in nature is good for you and helps you feel good, calm, connected? Is it because of the properties of nature? Perhaps. There may be some biochemical stuff going on. But really, what tends to happen is that while walking in the woods or …

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What If You’re Wrong?

Right now, maybe you’re feeling anxious, worried, stressed and apprehensive. Maybe you’ve been worrying for some time. Maybe you’re feeling depressed, stuck, regretful, resentful? Maybe you’re thinking it’s because of who you are, what you’ve done, where you’ve come from, what happened in your past. That event, that circumstance, that lingering memory that won’t move …

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New Article on Anxiety (Brainz Magazine)

Hi all. Just popping on to say my first article for Brainz Magazine has gone live. Did you know that anxious feelings are actually there to help you? You can check out the article here: Now to start on the next one! Would love to hear your feedback!