What If You’re Wrong?

Right now, maybe you’re feeling anxious, worried, stressed and apprehensive. Maybe you’ve been worrying for some time.

Maybe you’re feeling depressed, stuck, regretful, resentful?

Maybe you’re thinking it’s because of who you are, what you’ve done, where you’ve come from, what happened in your past. That event, that circumstance, that lingering memory that won’t move on.

But, what if you’re wrong? What if none of these things are “you”,  or the “real you”?

What if the real you is the you that laughs as you see something funny on TV, in a book, or who chuckles as they scroll past a funny meme in your news feed?

What if the real you is someone who gets up every day to go to work, drives a car virtually on autopilot, feeds your kids and catches up with your parents or friends, bringing light, life and laughs to their day?

What if the real you is someone who is scared by stuff but does it anyways, feeling the fear fade and even disappear as you do the very thing you’re supposed to be afraid of?

What if the real you is really you, and all the fear and worry is just a stranger passing through?

What if that fear and worry is just the chatter three seats in front on a bus, something you can hear on and off, but ultimately nothing to do with you?

What if it’s the car alarm in the distance, nothing to do with you, and fading in time?

Not requiring action, because it’s not yours in the first place. And always fading, always passing like a cloud in the sky.

What if it’s like the two year old in the back seat, who cries on and off, who you sometimes softly smile at when they’re kicking off?

What if your mind is like a computer, which just glitches and heats up now and then, before fixing itself?

What if you’re the sea, and the ripples and waves can’t hurt you after all?