In 2018, more or less by chance (but I like to think it was ‘meant to be’ – and you’ll probably come to see why I think that), I came across a new approach to well just living, which pretty much rocked my world.

It’s sometimes called the Three Principles, or the Inside-Out Understanding.

I had been looking for some answers to something, stumbled across these principles, learned about a man called Sydney Banks, and I had an insight – and then a few more.

At first I understood it on an intellectual level. It wasn’t until later that I really felt it. This was after I’d read, watched and listened to the blogs, videos and podcasts of Michael Neill and Amy Johnson.

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If I were to sum it all up, I would say this:

“We’ve been brought up to think that we view life through a camera. But really, it’s a projector”.

That is to say, what we experience in life we do so through our own thinking, and nothing else. There is no way to experience anything outside of our thinking.

This is the opposite of what we’ve been lead to believe; that other people, situations and circumstances just look the way they look and our circumstances are the main driver of how we feel.

Or, to quote one of the leading thinkers in this understanding of life, psychology, performance and well, just living….

“We live in the feeling of our thoughts, not the feeling of our circumstances” (Michael Neill).


Fast forward to 2023 and I’ve seen things even more clearly – we are much, much bigger than any thought or feelings – we are the awareness of life itself. We are part of life, just like the sea, the clouds, animals, natural phenomena…we are life itself.

This is huge. We can simply observe the chatter inside our head, instead of letting it dictate our life, and what we feel we can and can’t do.

We are not our thoughts and feelings, but the awareness behind them all. This awareness is the real you.

And from there, life is lived. You are lived.

Once you see this for yourself, everything changes. It is transformational, and I’d love for you to experience this too! I know it can unlock any part of your life where you feel stuck right now.

I’m a full-time digital marketing veteran and part-time coach. I’ve worked for big companies (Google, Symantec, Adobe) and for myself.

Most of all, I am on a mission to help people see their infinite potential and innate wellbeing. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about my coaching services.

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