silent awareness

You Are The Silent Awareness (Not Thoughts & Feelings)

In my last post, I talked about how we don’t realise we are not equal to the chatter in our head. Most people in Western society believe that their moment to moment thoughts and feelings say everything about how they are, what they can do, and how their life is going.

This is a HUGE misconception. We have freedom beyond all that.

Life is unfolding regardless of that chatter, and those feelings.

Now, how do you know you are the silent awareness – and not the thoughts and feelings you are witnessing? How do you know that silent space is really there, and you are really it?

Part of it, part of the deeper flow of life where you are peaceful and capable of handling anything?

Try this simple exercise if you are in doubt:

1) Sit in a quiet space and close your eyes.

2) Try to guess the next thought you’ll have.

3) Feel that silence? That is what I am talking about?

That is the space between you and your thoughts and feelings.

Thoughts and feelings are fine, they are neutral. They are nothing to fear.

But the more we look towards that silence, that awareness, the closer we are to the truth of who we are.

And from there, you realise you can take the next step, feeling calmer and clearer.

You are already taking it.