true nature in nature

This IS Your True Nature

Your true nature….revealed in nature!

Why do people say that walking in nature is good for you and helps you feel good, calm, connected?

Is it because of the properties of nature? Perhaps. There may be some biochemical stuff going on.

But really, what tends to happen is that while walking in the woods or by the sea, we are more likely to allow ourselves and our minds to settle, calm, re-calibrate and renew.

What’s actually happening is that we are allowing something new and fresh to bubble up. We are allowing our true nature – yes, nature! – to bubble up.

This is innate health, innate wellbeing coming to the surface. It never went anywhere, it was just temporarily obscured by the noise of our own thinking, analysis and “intellectualising”.

Our innate wellbeing is ALWAYS there. It never goes away, no matter what turbulence is occurring in our lives.

Have you experienced this “surfacing of quiet” lately?

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