You Are Not Your Experience

What might change if you could see that you’re the sky, not the clouds?

The sea, not the waves?

What does this actually mean?

It means something “new” – and largely the opposite to what we grew up with and what our Western culture believes.

It means you are NOT your experience. You are the place where that experience happens, arises – and comes and goes.

You are not “an anxious person”. You don’t “have anxiety”. You are not a label.

You are not a diagnosis in a GP’s chair. You are so much more than that.

You are whole, peaceful, resilient and worry-free by nature. When worry, fear, frustration, guilt or any other feeling arises, know that it’s not about you. It’s an experience passing through, if you let it.

Thought is the “missing link” – it’s what creates our experience. All of it. I recommend googling a guy called Syd Banks for more on this.

If you want proof, consider what’s happening when you feel good. Is it because your circumstances have changed? Or is it because your thinking has settled, like a speedometer on your car falling back towards zero? In these moments, you are resting back in who you really are. You’re not caught up in your experience. You’re simply just “in life”.

Consider reading all this again and reading it like you’re listening to music. Not reading to understand, but just getting a feel for it.

It’s all in the feeling and seeing how you come back to this feeling, no matter what might be going on, or what circumstances there may be.